Email and Privacy Settings

Email and Privacy Settings

You can change both your privacy settings and the email notifications you receive from your communities like the Open Forum.

To change your Privacy Settings, start by accessing your Profile by clicking your profile icon in the upper right corner of the page header.  Then click on the PROFILE button. 

profile access


Once you are in your profile, click on MY ACCOUNT in the menu bar under your name and then Privacy Settings.


You have a few options on how your information can seen by other community members under Privacy Settings. 
You can be hidden from the members directory and the rosters of the communities you join by changing the directory setting to no. 

Privacy settings


You can also set the level of visibility for each profile element:

selecting privacy levels

Here are what the settings allow:  

  • My Contacts - Only contacts you have accepted will see this detail
  • Members Only - Only members of the community sees this detail
  • Public - Anyone who sees your profile sees this detail
  • Only Me - You are the only one who sees this detail 


To change your Email Notifications, navigate to you Profile by clicking on your icon in the upper right corner of the page header.

Profile button


Then click on Email Preferences under My Account

Email preferences link

You have settings you can adjust for Community Emails, Social Emails, and Promotional Emails. The description of each type of email is listed on this page. 


One of the best features of this community platform is getting updates by a Daily Digest. To change the settings for your discussion group's Daily Digests, click on your Profile and then My Account > Community Notifications 


Then place a check in the Consolidated Daily Digest box for the communities you would like to be delivered in one digest. 



Questions? If you have any questions on how to change any of these settings, please contact the COMMUNITY MANAGER. We are glad you are part of the TU community.