Welcome Guide

Getting started in the Open Forum - TU's Online Community is easy. Here is a brief overview video of the Online Community. Below the video are some more tips to help you quickly join the conversation. 

TU Community Forum Overview from Trout Unlimited on Vimeo.


Welcome to the TU Online community. This community Open Forum is linked to your TU membership and access requires a unique password.  

TU Community login page

If you are not sure about your password or don't remember it, please use the TU Online Password Reset page to have a temporary password sent to your membership email address to get started.

TU Community Forum Login Tutorial from Trout Unlimited on Vimeo.

If you need additional help, use the contact us link found at the bottom of this page.


Once logged in, click the small down arrow in the upper right hand corner of the screen to access your profile. Upload your favorite headshot or avatar by clicking on the orange ACTIONS button and share a little about yourself. 

To update your Bio information, click the pencil icon or edit button. Please note that the Contact Details section edits will update your membership record too. When you finish updating your contact information, return to your TU Community profile page and click on the “Refresh My Profile” link just above the Contact Details on the left to see your changes.


Manage your account preferences through the “MY ACCOUNT” tab in your member profile. This is where you can set your privacy and communication preferences and also your signature line that appears under your discussion posts.   Stay in the know: Subscribe to the Daily Digest—that way you receive a single email summarizing the day's trending community topics. Simply go to the "MY ACCOUNT" tab and then "Community Notifications" in the drop-down menu.


Start connecting with other community members. Add colleagues and other chapter members to your network using the Member Directory located in the main navigation bar of the page header. Find colleagues in your state, share common interests, or view all members of the community using the Advanced Search.  Pro tip: Send an invitation to connect with at least 20 colleagues to help complete your profile completeness bar.


Join a conversation about your favorite topics. Share an article, offer a tip, or ask others about their favorite fishing destination. You can easily start or join a discussion from the Community homepage by clicking on the "Post A Message" menu button. Don’t forget to give feedback to others and reply to discussion posts. Click “Reply to Discussion” to the right of any discussion post. You can also show that you like what someone is saying by clicking on the "like" button to the right of the subject in the gray bar.  Pro tip: Be sure to check if an existing thread matches your topic to keep that conversation going. 



Once we begin adding more communities, you will access all your TU communities from the My Communities page under the “Communities” drop-down on the top navigation bar.



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What are the community rules?

Be sure to read the COMMUNITY CODE OF CONDUCT. These are the basic guidelines for participation to ensure the best possible experience for all community members.


What should I say first?

A great way to get your feet wet in the new community is to introduce yourself in the cleverly titled "INTRODUCTION THREAD". Be sure to check out some of the other community members who have posted. We truly have some of the best volunteers and members in the world.


How do I respond to posts?

A quick way to join the conversation is to click “Reply to Discussion” or to “Reply to Sender” found to the right of the discussion. The FAQ ON RESPONDING is a great guide choosing the appropriate response.


What if I have more questions?

The HELP/FAQ PAGE can answer many of the questions you might have, but let us know if you need help by sending us an email message by clicking CONTACT US.